Comfort is an enemy of growth

March 17, 2024

For years, I built Alliance incrementally. Deal by deal. I was “successful”, but also playing it small. While I was chasing the next win, I wasn’t then seeing the bigger game I could be playing. We all have blindspots. They’re the places we don’t like to look, the parts…

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Cash is king for closing deals

March 14, 2024

Everybody knows that real estate gets financed with debt, right? Not so fast. Recently, Alliance has started using cash purchases to close better deals, faster. This creative use of capital helps us in several ways. Before closing a deal, due diligence is essential. Our team at Alliance takes a…

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Lobor costs won't impact mob investors

March 3, 2024

Alliance keeps a close eye on the healthcare industry, to understand our tenants and assess what changes might impact our investment strategies. Recently, we’ve seen a big spike in healthcare labor costs. The healthcare labor market has been tight ever since the early days of the pandemic. When everything…

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