Ben Reinberg - Iconic Investor, Mentor, Educator & Philanthropist, Ben built a $500MM Commercial Real Estate empire from scratch with billions in transactions. Find out how we achieved 25% IRR for our investors and sustainably 2x their money.


Transforming Skylines & Lives

I've built my career on the foundational belief that I can make a significant mark in commercial real estate. Starting from scratch, I've developed a portfolio exceeding $500MM, showcasing my commitment to turning visions into reality. However, the essence of my career lies in the transformative impact of embracing risk and innovation, navigating the complexities of the market, and empowering others to fortify their financial future through well-informed decisions for the long term.

Mastering The Art Of Leverage

7 Crucial Lessons From A
Billion-Dollar Real Estate Investor.

Unlock The Secrets To Amplifying Your Real Estate Investment Success

Real Success,
Real People

My career is dotted with success stories highlighting the transformative impact of my mentorship and strategies. These stories vividly illustrate aspirations fulfilled, challenges surmounted, and life-changing success.

I have been extremely happy with the performance, But behind the performance is Ben and his team.

Cliff Wener

Retired Investor

Investing with Ben for years. Ben has a good model for extrapolating the future value.

Frank Napolitano

Retired Investor

Dealing with Ben and his staff ha been nothing but professional. I am very happy with the investments and Ben

Brian Genrich

CPA Investor

Ben is unlike any other professional I have ever worked with

Isaiah Harf

Regional Director & Partner
Stan Johnson Company

Ben makes it easy for physicians to work with because they've been doing this for a long time.

Trisha Talbot

Real Estate Advisor

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My free training program will equip you with the knowledge needed to successfully navigate the complex world of commercial real estate. Through this training, distilled from years of experience, I offer a clear, actionable roadmap for building a solid portfolio from the ground up.

The Philosophy Behind
Your Future Success

My approach to success is built on a foundation of long-term value, rigorous analysis, and ethical practices. I prioritize disciplined opportunity assessment, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence in all stakeholder interactions. This philosophy highlights the importance of strategic vision, resilience, and moral action in navigating the complexities of the commercial real estate market.


That Will Change Your Life

Through my "I OWN IT" Podcast, I go through the intricacies of investment and personal growth, bringing together thought leaders and success stories from diverse fields. Each episode explores the strategies and mindsets essential for success, offering invaluable insights into achieving financial and personal goals.