Speaking & Training

My speaking engagements are an amalgamation of insightful wisdom, riveting stories of success, and actionable strategies honed over decades in commercial real estate. The presentations are not just talks but immersive experiences that inspire audiences to redefine their understanding of success and investment.

I tailor each engagement to resonate with my audience, whether they are budding entrepreneurs, seasoned investors, or corporate leaders. I share the nuances of building a commercial real estate empire from the ground up. My approach is deeply rooted in the belief that everyone possesses the potential for greatness, provided they have access to the proper knowledge and mindset.

Get the Guide to Greatness

A comprehensive Speaker Kit is available for download to facilitate your decision-making process and help you envision my impact on your event. This kit provides an in-depth look at my speaking topics, style, and the unique value I bring to every engagement.

Make Your Next Meeting Monumental

I've built my career on the foundational belief that I can make a significant mark in commercial real estate.

Starting from scratch, I've developed a portfolio exceeding $500MM, showcasing my commitment to turning visions into reality. However, the essence of my career lies in the transformative impact of embracing risk and innovation, navigating the complexities of the market, and empowering others to fortify their financial future through well-informed decisions for the long term.

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